Centre Gabriela Mistral

Avenida Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 227, Santiago
+56 2 2566 5500

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Josibel Herrera (02.11.2017 18:16)
Love coming here, they have so many different events every time. Music, dance, art, ferias... Great cultural place to go any day during the week
Estela Camargo (02.11.2017 03:51)
Beautiful place, there's a wonderful cafe inside, with really nice food, some stalls that sell antiques, cameras and miscellaneous stuff.
Nice to go see whatever's happening or just for a stroll.
Rude Boy (22.10.2017 23:04)
Wow! Incredible space and if only the walls could talk! The history of the building is incredible.
Kevin Tow (20.10.2017 20:35)
Always something different going on here, from kids booths explaining different environmentally friendly habits you can start doing, to art displays, to University engineering projects. And these two make frequent appearances.
PIA BEATRIZ ARISMENDI (08.09.2017 15:04)
Always surprisingly interesting. You'll find info and a free map to Santiago patrimony and must see places. And you'll find art everywhere! Art exhibition, dance rehersals and a complete bookstore.